hi all..i have a problem,,i'm using jquery and also datatable for show all data inside DB...i want after i've been click a button the data can show inside datatable..the problem start in here..after click the button,,the result show at firebug and also not show error message..but the data still not show inside datatable's <tbody>...i try to open my application at another PC and it can show normally but at my PC can't...what must i do?
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" class="display" id="datalist">
                 <th>Line </th>
                 <th>Model </th>
                 <th>Serial </th>
                 <th>NIK </th>
       <tbody> </tbody>

       var oTable;
       oTable = $("#datalist").dataTable({
             "bRetrieve"  : true,
             "bServerSide": true,
             "bProcessing": true,
             "sAjaxSource": 'showlist.php',
             "aaSorting"  : [[1,"desc"]],
             "aoColumns"  : [
                             /*Line*/  null,
                             /*Model*/ null,
                             /*NIK*/   null