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Thread: Why can't I get this Video to play on Blackberry Web Browser

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    Why can't I get this Video to play on Blackberry Web Browser

    Here is the page...


    When I try to open the page in my Blackberry web app, it does not play the video. I have tried many different formats including the 3gp format that is supposedly supposrted by blackberry and others. Nothing works. What am I doing wrong?


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    It could be that the file is too large for the BB browser. I believe BB's have a bandwidth limit set by default - you have to change that setting.

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    Small Small Files

    The only videos I've seen working for mobile are streamed. I am quite sure nobody can download an entire video file. As I'm reading around, I see extreme care taken to limit images going to mobile devices. Any video of any useful size would be far too large to download entirely before viewing.

    The flash-based streaming devices obviously do not work, as well, because of the lack of flash support.

    So streaming still remains to be investigated.

    Digg video section is a great place to go test for mobile video connectivity. I could not find a single one out of 20-30 assorted websites that was showing video on their video pages on Digg. They server up the stripped down, text only version instead. Almost universally. The ones that do not show a broken, blank page.

    This convinces me that video on mobile is just not there yet. CNN doesn't do it. The huge video-archive Websites don't.

    Then there is the concept of an app for mobile devices. I would rather simply server up an alternative version of the website than have to make the user download an app. That seems sloppy to me.

    If streaming will work why don't CNN or the big video websites that I wonder? This is a clue that I may be left with doing a mobile app as my only solution for video.

    Is there a self-executable mobile app that I can serve up and deploy through the website? I wonder if a JAVA app would work on a mobile device? What about silverlight for video or jquery for a slide show? Anyone tried any of these?

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