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Thread: question about lazyload

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    question about lazyload

    i am using lazy load with fadein effect from http://www.appelsiini.net/projects/lazyload

    its working fine for inline images but if i use a background image the lazy load effect with the fadein is not working

    can the lazyload effect be applied for background images or is it only for inline images

    also only in opera browser it is taking a long time for the images to appear compared all other browsers and until the image loads the 1pixel grey image appears followed by the image with the fadein effect
    is there a way to fix this for opera


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    Best place to ask is at the plugin website itself. They will know best. However, I would presume that it doesn't work for background images.

    The best solution really is to reduce your image sizes, but tips on specific optimisations could only be made on seeing the actual page.

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