I've been looking for an (open source) content management system that is specific for a social networking site. I'd like the ability to add some sort of fantasy games.

I have found numerous OS social networking softwares and a few fantasy games. Of the fantasy games, nothing that I can customize for a specific sport. All that I've found either relate to Football, Baseball, Stocks or the World Cup, for example, and none of which could be incorporated into the CMS/Social Network site.

I'd like to create an online community, specific to a certain rodeo sport. I'd like the ability to run prediction games by each user building a fantasy team and then accumulating points based on how the actual athlete performed. Points system would be automated based on the results of the event. Members of the community could then be rewarded for how well their fantasy team performed at the various competitions.

CMS come with all the usual modules... polls, surveys, blogging, media sharing, profile creation, etc.

Does anyone know a relatively simple solution for this? I am somewhat familiar with PHP/MySQL, but am by no means an expert. Any feedback would be most appreciated.