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Thread: Loop in a select form

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    Loop in a select form

    how can i loop the value of the elements in drop down select form?

    its for a date form. i would like to loop 1 - 31 for the date.

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    You need

    new Option

    Hope you can figure it out

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    Here is a simple example of how to use a for loop to generate <option>'s for a select menu. This example also shows how to make a default <option> be selected:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    document.write('<select id="day">');
    // write one selected option
    document.write('<option value="" selected="selected">Day</option>');
    // var num=1, as long as num is less than or equal to 31, num will increment
    for(var num=1; num<=31; num++)
    // write 31 options, with num as the value and text displayed. 
    // should add name attribute for server side
    document.write('<option value="' + num + '">' + num + '</option>');
    Just a thought: it seems to me you might want to do this with a server side language like php, if you are using php for the form already? That way a user can turn off Javascript in their browser, and still see the generated form instead of pretty much nothing.

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