I am taking on a project which is probably too ambitious and I will never finish My question is can someone point me in the direction of a good book that is not on theory but on example, I do much better that way. i.e. I do not want to read all about the difference class types but walk me through building a real application.

The application I am trying to write is a construction project manager. I have a few items I want it to do all through an access database as I do not want to buy sql.

1. Authenticate a user and maintain three roles, administrator, power user, user
2. Allow a user to enter data for a new project and have the system assign a project number.
3. Email the project team the new project and its information.
4. Keep track of the phase the project is in (the user will enter this)
5. Generate a weekly report on all open projects and their phase
6. Allow users to request tasks (i.e. revise drawing and type in the changes)
7. Track financials of a project (overall sell, cost, change orders, etc.)

That is basically it for now. If I can manage to get that written I can continue to expand on it. #6 is not essential for now either, just want to get something started!