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Thread: Text editor/developing environment

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    Text editor/developing environment

    We haven't had one of these for a few years, so what text editors do you use for your various languages on various platforms?

    I use a mix of Vim and Notepad++. All C is done in Vim, as well as some Lisp, but I think I will learn to use Emacs for the great Lisp integration. As for web development, most has been done up until now in Notepad++ or Notepad (for small pages), but I'm starting to migrate slowly to Vim for that too, particularly as I now can touch type the entire keyboard at a pretty fast speed.

    For testing web pages, Firefox and Firebug for all major debugging, and testing in IE 8 and Opera as I'm going along, then periodically testing in IE 7.

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    PSPad for all my editing

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    I use Netbeans as my IDE for all my website development with html, javascript, php and MySQL.

    I use SQLyog as my sql GUI.

    I use XAMPP as my local web server for development/testing.

    The browsers I support are IE7+, FF2+, Opera 9+, Safari for Windows 4, and Chrome.

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    Visual Studio for c/c++ and dreamweaver for php/javascript/html dev. Though i'd like it said that i don't use dreamweaver to make/generate any of my code (i'm sure someone would mention this), i just use it as a base ide, admittedly i do use it for image maps every once in a while (definitely beats making them by hand).
    For web dev i develop in firefox (i also use firebug, then live http headers, as well as the web developers toolbar), test periodically in IE8/7 and after each major milestone is reached also test in IE6, opera, safari, chrome...etc. And of course i usually only end up having to fix something in IE6. Thankfully the percentages for it are dropping every month (down to 5.5% for the site last i checked), so hopefully i won't have to support it for much longer.
    As for my dev environment, i have a duplicate site setup on one of our servers which is where i do my development and testing (easy enough to test with using the host file).

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    vi for Linux/Unix and Notepad++ for Windows. Notepad++ support a lot of different file format syntax highlighting so I use it extensively.

    For vi, it is more for quick one liner edit and save only. For massive code editing, I will code in Notepad++ and then FTP or SCP the text file over to Linux/Unix for compilation.

    Notepad++ is my life saver

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    Komodo Edit; WAMP; Firefox with Web Developer, Firebug, and FirePHP add-ons; Filezilla; Tortoise SVN
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