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Thread: Yep I don't know what I am doing

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    Angry Yep I don't know what I am doing

    I am trying to make a rental calculator that adjusts the rent amount based on lenght of stay for my business and web site.

    I just started today. Have not touched a piece of code in my life.

    I am using a you tube video which shows me how to make a simple calculator and then I was going to build up from there.

    sadly I am stuck even on building the simple calculator.

    I cannot find out why my calculation will not work. Posting out of desperation before I abandon ship. Been at this for 3 - 4 hrs now and no luck.

    Code posting below.

    <center><h1> Rental Calculator</h1></center>
    <script language=”JavaScript”>
    function writeText (form) {
    	var rent=form.a.value;
    	var two=form.b.value;
    	Form.c.value = rent*two
    <form name="myform">
    Enter Rental Rate <br>
    <INPUT TYPE="text" Name="a" value=""><p>
    Enter amount of time:<br>
    <INPUT TYPE="text" name="b" Value=""><p>
    Total rental fee:<br>
    <INPUT TYPE="text" Name="c" value=""><p>
    <INPUT TYPE="button" Name="buttonone" VALUE="display rent" 
    onClick="writeText(this.form) ">
    <INPUT TYPE="button" value="Click Me" 
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    Form.c.value = rent*two
    Should be form. JavaScript is case sensitive.

    On the other hand, you have opened the <form> tag, but you have not closed it with a </form>

    Don't let empty lines inside the elements. Use type="text/javascript" instead of language=”JavaScript”; language is deprecated. Wrte all the HTML tags and attributes with lowercase. And use a Doctype.

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    Thanks Kor, I will make those changes and see what effect they have. I did not realize java script was case senesitive. in the demo I was following some code snippits like <HEAD> were capital and some where lower case. I know that <head> is html and I have javascript in there but I was unsure of the rules.

    I will add more if I run into issues.

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