Hello people

I Have a MySQL query that i want to send to a different page. To make it secure before it is sent I am MD5()ing the string. Then sending the data using sessions.

When the second page receives the string i want to add a new string to the end of the MD5() string. Basically to change the where clause

Not sure if MD5 is the best way to encrypt or if there is a better way to move variables other than a session.

PHP Code:
//First page.

$q "SELECT Field_1, Field_2 FROM `some_table`";

$_SESSION['query'] = md5($q); 
PHP Code:
//Second Page
$q $_SESSION['query'];

$query $q " WHERE Field_1='123';";
$run = @mysqli_query($dbc$query);
//get info from database..... 
Any ideas would be very appreciated!