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Thread: Website not found in search engine queries

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    Website not found in search engine queries

    I'm the webmaster for my church's website. I went to Google and ran a search on "United Methodist Churches in [city][state]". Also ran a search on "United Methodist Churches in [zip code]".

    My church did not show in the query results.

    Here's how my META tags appear in the <head> section:

    <META Name="description" Content=" Full Name of the Church">
    <META Name="keywords" Content="UMC, United Methodist, Church, Churches,[city], [state], [zip code], Christian, Christ,Christianity, Bible, Religion, Jesus, God">
    Why is it not showing when running a search?

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    If the site was published soon, don't worry - Google needs some time to index its content.

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    When did you actually launch it? Have you done link building to it already or have you registered to search engines directories. It will take just some time for SE to crawl your site but a lot of work and time for it to appear in the first ten pages of Google. I suggest you promote it or do some SEO work to it.

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    You can also search for the URL to verify when it's been spidered...no telling if they'll rank you for any other phrases/keywords...but you should get top spot for your URL.

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