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Thread: Why Are We Banned From Google?

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    Why Are We Banned From Google?

    Does anyone have any thoughts about why my client's website is banned from Google?


    We had to set up several other domains like:


    to still make sure that we receive the traffic since our site doesn't seem to come up in most searches. I've done a very limited amount of SEO for them, which has helped, but I still want to make sure their main domain starts coming up again - right away if possible.

    FYI, axtell.com should be coming up #1 for keyword "axtell" and #1 for keyword "axtell puppets". They get an avg. 10,000 - 12,000 hits per month, which is probably significantly more than any of the other search results.

    Thanks for your help.

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    have you done some black hat tactics to that site? I don't think Google would easily ban a site just like that if you haven't committed anything. Stay away from link farms as well and try to do more linkbuilding to your site. I think its just a google dance and not really a total ban.
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    Forum Backlinking

    Thank you, Jonas. I guess I'm wondering if the extra domains that end up pointing to the same site are now hurting us...

    Otherwise, the owner has SEVERAL web forums on other servers that get a lot of traffic...he might have backlinked to axtell.com home page too much and it looked spammy...could this be possible?

    Thanks again, Jonas.


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