I'm creating a site (showcasing artists) that will be managed and updated by some fairly low-tech people. The current site uses Wordpress.

The new version needs to have the following features, and I'm wondering what the best CMS / blog platform / plugins would be to accomodate:

  • one master user oversees the whole site, which includes static pages as well as the main blog
  • members (artists) of the site need to be able to edit a static page for themselves by filling in the details we specify (this is their profile)
  • members should be able to add photos and videos to their page(s) as well
  • i'd really like members to be able to post entries to the main blog, and also link to each members blog posts from their profile page
  • the master user gets to approve anything members post before it goes live, or perhaps take individual members off moderation when they've built up trust
  • members can't delete or edit anything outside their own area. in fact, it might be good if they can't delete anything without approval from the master user.
  • ideally we want to have a form on the blog that anyone can fill out to automatically become a member, with approval of course, but the master user shouldn't need to manually create each account

Is there some sort of platform that does this type of thing? What is the simplest most user-friendly solution? Can anyone advise?