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Thread: New Line using document.write() and document.writeln()

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    Unhappy New Line using document.write() and document.writeln()

    I am trying to write a bunch of text onto a new document using document.write() and somehow need to format it to include line breaks.

    For example:

    document.write(Line 1);
    document.write(Line 2);
    I have tried including \n, and it does not work. I have also tried document.writeln() and that also does not work.

    From what I have found on the Internet, one (if not both) of those methods should have worked..
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    If you want a new line in HTML, you use <br>. That will work regardless, but depending on the content, maybe you should use <p> for a paragraph or another HTML tag.

    \n is new-line in the sense that after the full stop in my last sentence there is a new line. HTML ignores white space, so that's irrelevant when printing to the browser window.

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    resolved Problem Resolved!

    I have found advice, that using document.write('<pre>') before the other document.writeln() and document.write('</pre>') at the end formats the text nicely.

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