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Thread: 404 redirect problems

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    404 redirect problems

    Hi everyone,
    I've created a .htaccess file containing 301 redirects and the 404 redirect for a temporary site, the 301's work correctly but the 404 doesn't, yet both index.html and 404.html are in the same htdocs directory. The .htaccess file is placed 1 directory above in the parent directory.

    I'm new to .htaccess and would appreciate any help as to why the 404 doesnt work yet the 301 redirect does.

    Redirect 301 /careers.php http://www.example.com/newcareers.php
    Redirect 301 /contact.php http://www.example.com/contact_us.php
    ErrorDocument 404 /http://www.example.com/404.html

    The new site I'm working on is hidden in a sub folder, but strangely the 404 redirect points the user to the 'new' home page of the new site and not to the current 404.html page.

    Can anyone help?


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    ErrorDocument 404 /http://www.example.com/404.html
    Maybe it's because of the forward slash you accidentally placed before your http
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    Smile Thanks but furhter help required

    Hi aj_nsc
    Thanks for the tip. Stupid of me.

    Also trying to reslove the following dynamic redirect. I've added code the htaccess file to test 1 redirect of:




    with the following code:

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^p=leviathon$
    RewriteRule ^/vessels.php$ http://www.example.com/leviathan.php? [L,R=301]

    but for some reason it's NOT working??

    I'm new to this so any help would be appreciated


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