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Thread: PayPal Reference Transactions

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    PayPal Reference Transactions

    Does anybody have any information on how to setup PayPal reference transactions? Surprisingly, it's hard to comes across this information on google. I need to charge an credit card 25% at the time they make a reservation and then 75% again at the time they check out. I could send them an automated einvoice via PayPal at the time they checkout, but PayPal reference transactions seems like it could handle it for me quite easily.

    i'd appreciate it if anybody who has used reference transactions before could give me some pointers.
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    Did you figure it out? I'm recently got requirements to use "reference transaction" API; after 2-hrs of watching PayPal X videos on YouTube I still cant figure out how you even get started...

    Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I read through all their API docs...

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