Honestly, its probably my fail. Regardless, here is the deal, any help would be appreciated.

I am currently skinning up a custom cpanel theme for a company I work with from time to time, kudolabs.net. They would like their Jixed Bar that is on their main web page to be on the skin, and I am attempting to put it there now. I have put the code into the html of the skin, both the call to the proper javascript files and css files, and the proper code for the bar itself. It is not working, the bar shows up as it is supposed to, but it is not aligned correctly and the bar does not float with the page. It acts exactly like the javascript is not working at all.... Unfortunately I can't just provide access to the cpanel for people to check, but you can see the source code of the main page, kudolabs.net, and if you're willing to help, I can of course give you access to a demo account (and quite possibily provide some hosting for a month or two, we're based in the netherlands and have plenty of space to share to anyone willing to help us with little problems such as this. @_@ )

Thank you for your time reading this, any help or points in the right directions would be appreciated. Unfortunately, google has failed me this time.

Or, rather, I have failed google. o.o