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    User Friendly additions

    I'm an amateur web developer. I've done a few paying jobs but nothing too intense. My brother just started a real estate company and wants me to design the website. I can do pretty much everything he wants out of it except one thing. He wants there to be a way that he or any of the other agents can add in a house that just became available. So like some kind of form that only they can access that they can upload a picture and fill in info then just press upload and it'll upload it right to the listings page kind of photobucket style. I'm not asking for a full explanation in the forum but if someone can even just point me in the right direction, tell me what to google to find how to do this, whatever that'd be great


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    You might want to see if a CMS solution like WordPress can do that for you. Uploading a photo in .NET isn't terribly trivial.
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