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Thread: IE7 review needed

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    IE7 review needed

    I'm close to finishing up the redesign for my online portfolio but am not sure about the outcome in IE7. In Adobe BrowserLab and NetRenderer it seems like the hyphenated text (see image, #1) is missing
    A live test would be the only way to know, but "unfortunately" I don't have access to a machine running IE7. That's why I need your guys/gals help.

    (The percentage of IE7 users on my current site is ±5%, but it seems like a bad idea to make it impossible for them to read background info)

    Please note that if you'd check the design there's a difference in #2's appearance (see image) in different browsers (roll-over effect in al browsers but IE, tilted text in many browsers but not all, wonky CSS "circle" in Opera). Also note that I need to do some more work on the backend, it's jQuery hell right now.

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