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Thread: Show ppt in web page

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    Show ppt in web page

    Anyway to show one powerpoint slide in my html page?
    I would like to show the slide in the upper left corner of my page and it should be around 500 x 500 size.
    The rest of page will show html content info.

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    Take a screen shot of it and make a jpeg or png of it.


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    Maybe the best way would be to convert your powerpoint page into an image. Alternatively, you could 'Save as Web Page' in html, clean up the resulting code, and use that.

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    This may be more amusing than useful but see http://www.w3.org/Talks/Tools/Slidy/ .
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    In Powerpoint 2007 you can:

    1) right click on the individual slide.

    2) select 'Save as picture' in the context menu that appears

    3) in the 'save' dialog box, select an image type (.jpg, png, gif or whatvere options are available)

    4) browse to the folder you want to save to.

    5) give the file a name.

    Then if you have any image editing software, crop/edit and optimise your image file for the web.

    Then add it to your web page as any other image.

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    Powerpoint Converter: http://www.powerpoint-converter.net/
    Powerpoint to AVI Converter: http://www.powerpoint-converter.net/...-converter.htm
    Powerpoint to WMV Converter: http://www.powerpoint-converter.net/...-converter.htm

    Use the media code on your HTML page to show it.

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