Hello! I've added a new page (contact) to the nav bar of this php site via the database and index.php. The link displays properly but the page content does not (it is an embedded contact form).

Seeing that page content for existing pages is added directly to the database itself I am attempting (unsuccessfully) to call the page content by using a php include command.

Below is the partial contents of the database. The contact page I've added is the last line:

PHP Code:

INSERT INTO `pages` (`id_page`, `section`, `number`, `images`, `text`, `message`, `structure`) VALUES(68, 'events', 1, NULL, '<p><img width="460" height="325" alt="" src="/img/img_text/image/art%20poster.jpg" /></p>\r\n<p>&nbsp;</p>', NULL, 'text'); 

INSERT INTO `pages` (`id_page`, `section`, `number`, `images`, `text`, `message`, `structure`) VALUES(54, 'still-life', 3, '107;56;61;91', '', "[email="test@test.com"]test@test.com[/email]", 'gallery'); 

INSERT INTO `pages` (`id_page`, `section`, `number`, `images`, `text`, `message`, `structure`) VALUES(69, 'events', 1, NULL, '<p><img height="308" width="220" alt="" src="/img/img_text/image/_FIL2884xxx%20copia.jpg" /></p>\r\n<p>&nbsp;</p>', NULL, 'text'); 

INSERT INTO `pages` (`id_page`, `section`, `number`, `images`, `text`, `message`, `structure`) VALUES(66, 'still-life', 5, '89;1;60;1', '', "[email="test@test.com"]test@test.com[/email]", 'gallery'); 

INSERT INTO `pages` (`id_page`, `section`, `number`, `images`, `text`, `message`, `structure`) VALUES(67, 'still-life', 6, '2;1;2;1', '', "[email="test@test.com"]test@test.com[/email]", 'gallery'); 

INSERT INTO `pages` (`id_page`, `section`, `number`, `images`, `text`, `message`, `structure`) VALUES(63, 'portraits', 1, '82;134;81;62;133;48', '', "[email="test@test.com"]test@test.com[/email]", 'gallery'); 

INSERT INTO `pages` (`id_page`, `section`, `number`, `images`, `text`, `message`, `structure`) VALUES(59, 'contact', 1, NULL, '<? include("contact.php") ?>', 'test@test.com', 'NULL');
What appears on the contact page is the proper structure but not the contents of contact.php. I've tried using a number of variations of the include command:

{ include "contact.php"; }

<?php include "contact.php"?>

<?php include 'contact.php'?>

<? include("contact.php") ?>

But it would help if I knew what I was doing

Any suggestions? Thank you!!