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Thread: Validation for Text box Array

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    Validation for Text box Array

    I have these test boxes mentioned below with the array sign I want to check for a validation for these text boxes for an integer value.... how can I do it...
    I know how to do it for the normal one's but how to do for the one's with array[] symbol...

    Have pasted the one i am already using for the normal ones'

    <td width="120"><input type="text" name="Interface_Name[]" size="15" /></td>
    <td width="60"><input type="text" name="Port_Index[]" size="4" /></td>
    <td width="60"><input type="text" name="SBB_Index[]" size="4" /></td>
    <td width="120"><select name="Connect_Type[]" ><option selected >-Select-</option>
    {html_options options=$lstConType}</select></td>
    <td width="60"><select name="Port_Status[]" ><option selected >-Select-</option>
    {html_options options=$lstStatus}</select></td>
    <td width="24"><a href="JavaScript: deleteLRU({$lstRows[lRow].LRU_PartNumber});"><img src="images/icon_del.gif" width="12" height="12" alt="Delete LRU" /></a></td>

    var oFrm = document.FrmAdd;
    function Chkvalidate()

    if(!chkText(oFrm.txtName, " Name Field is empty")) return false;
    if(!chkText(oFrm.txtRefNumber,"Ref Number Field is empty")) return false;

    return true;

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    I am assuming you have other elements with each respective name elsewhere in your code otherwise you can name the textboxes without the [].

    Anyway, you can use

    var myTextboxes = document.getElementsByName("txtInput[]");
    to get an array of the textboxes for a given name and then you loop through each element in the array myTextboxes and validate it for whatever you need to check.

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    thnz tirna i am actually looking for the code of tht loop only............. can u help me with tht

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