First time poster so apologies if i've asked this in the wrong sub-forum.

My boss has asked me to mock up the existing site into a Wordpress-controlled CMS. It's gone pretty well so far but I've hit a snag with one particular function and while I'm decent enough at tinkering with PHP, I can't figure this one out.

As you probably know, Wordpress by default displays individual blog posts on the home page but you can set a static page and specify an alternative (created) page in which to place blog posts (Settings>Reading - done!) - i'm using this function as a news feed and I've created a 'home' page as the static landing page and a 'news' page to store the posts.

For each navigation category & it's child pages i'm using a customised sidebar plugin (Sidebar Generator) to display certain widgets related to the content on the page and the 'News' category should be no different. However, while the custom sidebar displays on all other pages, I can't get it to work and display on the 'news' page, although it does so on individual entries within the 'news' page. The same also happens when WP generates the monthly post archive where there is no sidebar displayed.

I've pored through the code umpteen times, tried custom templates and all manner of workarounds and made sure that the sidebar call <? get_sidebar(); ?> is present in the relevant page templates but i can't get this to display properly. Its bloody annoying as it works fine everywhere else..

Any help appreciated, before i go bald from pulling my hair out! The Wordpress.org forum is pretty much useless.. I've asked there for help, but getting no responses.