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Thread: Image :hover Issues with IE7

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    resolved [Resolved] Image :hover Issues with IE7

    I'm using the method below along with hover to create a frame around an image when someone rolls over it.

    This works great actually, it shows a frame around an image and resizes itself based on the images height... However with IE7 it causes the images to flicker, and at times actually disappear until another :hover is executed (for example, a hover applied to an anchor tag or another image is rolled over).
    Anyone know any possible fixes for this? I'm also open to another method to create the frame, assuming it resizes with height, if that method does not cause this issue. The flicker is tolerable, its the fact that the images disappear thats the main issue.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Never mind, got it fixed. The solution? Well i added a 'position:relative' to the main div container so that i could position another div absolutely within it... That seemed to be the cause of the issue (though still not sure why). Well, since that div only needs to have a relative position when you hover over it, i simply moved that 'position:relative' to the hover css section and all is well.

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