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Thread: Difference between ways for declaring a function

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    Difference between ways for declaring a function

    Hi all,
    This is probably an easy question, but I was not sure of how to google an answer for it. Is there any real difference between these two function declarations?

    function DoSomething(parm) {
    //do something here

    DoSomething = function(parm) {
    //do something here

    The same goes when defining a custom object. For example:

    function MyObject() {
    //initialization code

    MyObject = function() {
    //initialization code


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    I think there is no difference, depends on your preference.

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    As far as I know, whether you assign an anonymous function to a variable or declare it directly is pretty much irrelevant. The only slight difference I can think of is in a closure.
    (function() {
    function func1 () {
    var func2 = function () {
    func1; // undefined
    func2; //defined
    Obviously if you "var func2 = ..." that difference vanishes.

    Both can be used for different purposes however. I normally use "function whatever ()" syntax unless I specifically want to assign it to an existing variable, or to an array or something that would be impossible with function whatever().

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