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Thread: site is bogging down - on homepage

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    site is bogging down - on homepage

    Hello anyone,

    can you please look at the source code in this page -- it really bogs down - i've been told before it's the graphics, but i'm not buying that.

    i know it's something else - youtube script or something...

    thanks in advance!


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    Loaded relatively fast for me on a slow 1.5M DSL connection. The total page size is 400K...386K is from images...that would be my focus if you want to speed up the download time...

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    From firebug profile:

    MM_preloadImages 1 97.83% 4.955ms 5.758ms 5.758ms 5.758ms 5.758ms taste (line 18)
    onload 1 2.17% 0.11ms 6.919ms 6.919ms 6.919ms 6.919ms 1 (line 1)

    So essentially no script running in the background.

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    thanks for input

    i know the images could be smaller in size but the issue i'm talking about occurs on only one of my systems causing an ~ 1min lag (and near system lock-up) - i would call it an anomaly if i hadn't heard a couple othere site visitors say the same thing --- most people are ok though...

    'letmehaveago' == can you explain better what this preload and onload issue might be? i believe the sub-pages have the same code (auto-generated in dreamweaver btw) but DO NOT lag like the homepage...

    thanks again - i really appreciate your diagnosis!


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    Does it lock up on a specific browser on that system? Or any/all browsers on that system?

    EDIT: I believe I saw this thread at another time a while back (I could be mistaken). If that's the case, then you really need to be more descriptive when talking about the problem. It's an IE issue. I see it too, now. You were told before about the graphics because people never actually saw what you meant because you didn't specify that you were having the issue in a specific browser.

    In any case. it is one hell of a bug doing something. I would say most likely with IE's implementation of the JS engine most likely (purely a hunch). Remove all scripts and calls to scripts (e.g. the onload attr in the body tag) and load it up in IE to see if you've isolated the problem. If that is the problem, put the scripts back in bit by bit until you found out which part makes the browser hang.

    EDIT #2: Slight chance there's something going on with the youtube embed because it doesn't show up when the page eventually does load in IE. So you might want to try taking out the embedded video too and load up the page to see if that's your problem.
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    all browsers

    hi AJ - and yes it's all browsers -- sorry for the re-post and you're right i need to be more specific on the isssue in the future.

    i'll try what you've recommended -- my guess it has something to do with the youtube and that's the easiest to remove/test. The other scripts shouldn't be any different than the sub-pages if i recall. (basic preload and onload stuff).

    thanks all for your help and i'll follow up if i can find this darn thing!


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    If it does turn out to be youtube I would recommend appending the youtube content after the rest of the page is ready....or doing like many others do and provide an image only version of the youtube video and only making it a dynamic element when the user clicks on it.

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