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Thread: $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] Gives completely wrong url

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    Question $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] Gives completely wrong url

    Hi when I display a page with a broken photo, the $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] becomes that photo url for some reason.

    So if I'm on mysite.com/article.html

    function page_echo($html)

    //somewhere in $html is <img src='mysite.com/photothatdoesntexist.jpg' />

    echo $html

    //This is the only place that I ever call REQUEST_URI or ever set last_url.
    $_SESSION['last_url'] = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];

    And somehow on the next pageload $_SESSION['last_url'] becomes "/photothatdoesntexist.jpg" instead of "/article.html"

    Anyone know how that is possible?

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    Sounds like a flaky web server issue, though I may be missing some important detail. Is this by any chance some sort of AJAX implementation, or just a straight-ahead PHP page being called directly by the browser? (I'm not sure why that would matter, mind you.)
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    I've got a site with the same issue.

    Did you ever find out what the deal was?

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