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Thread: Can not see my flash site when I upload to the server. Please Help!!!!

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    Can not see my flash site when I upload to the server. Please Help!!!!

    I did a website in flash catalyst - and published it as a swf file. I then went to filezilla and uploaded it to the server. I have all the folders that I need on the server including the html file which the swf is embedded. But when I look at the site all it shows me is the background. I have been talking to netfirms.com for 2 days now and they are telling me it is on my end with the code.

    Other Notes:
    • It works when I view in browser from dreamweaver.
    • tells them at netfirms.com that they need to update to flash 10.1 - which I have done but still see purple screen and I have also went to 3 other computers with the flash 10.1 on the computer and I still get the purple BG
    • looks like it wants to come - looks like the movie clip wants to play but disappears and all you see is the purple BG
    • I also renamed the main.html file to index.html (which I have read is something that needs to be done)
    • netfirms.com is telling me that it may be a coding issue - but Adobe catalyst writes all the code for you and it like I said, it works when I view it in the browsers - (google chrome, IE, Firefox, and Safari)

    Please help me or point me in the right direction. Thanks so much in advance.


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    Flash - Server Issue


    I checked the site and it displaying your flash. Where exactly flash is not displaying...

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    Thanks bro - I figured out what I did wrong - I had Main.swf and main.swf - they did not match. took me 2 days to figure that out - I will never happen again though - Thanks again!

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    As a side note your page looks blank during loading. I'm on a dedicated T# line and your page was "blank" without any indicators for long enough for me to wonder if it had loaded properly. Normal users might not wait long enough before going to another comparable site instead. I would recommend some sort of a loading indicator or progress bar.

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    Image Scroller

    thanks , useful

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