i just reworked my site so that now each page is almost entirely comprised of style sheets and include files. pretty cool and organized.

the only niggling problem i have now, after sorting out all the syntazx errors caused by quoatations, etc, is that the mouse rollover function in one of the files does not work. the link still works and the "off" image displays, but the image will not change on mouseover. and if i simply replace the original code, it works fine.

here is the code in the include (should be pretty straight-forward non-php stuff):

<?php echo '

<a href="http://www.jamesmehaffey.com/pages/webcam/webcam.html"
	<img name="image1" src="http://www.jamesmehaffey.com/images/webcam/hummingbird-off01.png" alt="Hummingbird" width="50" height="58" border="0" /></a>

'; ?>

i'm not getting any errors or anything that would point to the source of the problem, so i'm a bit stuck. it's not a big deal, but it would be useful to know for future reference.