I have a java script function and getting "pitems" list values in select, and i want to send the values in the form of List to my CommonService class through f_getPop().
How can i send "pitems" List to my CommonService class
Below code is not working...

function f_getPop(){
CommonService.getAmount(document.getElementById("pitems").value , populateAmount);
function populateAmount(data){

<td><s:select label="Items" headerKey="1" headerValue="--Please Select--" list="items" name="purchaseitems" id="pitems" listKey="desc" listValue="desc" multiple="true" onchange="f_getPop()"></s:select></td>

<td><s:textfield label="Amount" name="amount" id="amount"/></td>

Can u plz help me out???
I want to send my "pitems" values in the form of LIST??