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Thread: tag issue..Could be a javascript issue no sure..

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    tag issue..Could be a javascript issue no sure..

    Hi, I am reading an xml file and it has several of the same tags.. So I am adding each of the strings to an array.. the problem occurs when I only have one tag Each character is placed into the array individually.. Example below..
    Example 1;

    Example 2;

    for (i = 0; i < student.name.length; i++) {


    Example 1 Output: StudentArray[0]="Josh" [1]="Joseph"...and so on
    Example 2 Output: StudentArray[0]="j" [1]="o"[2]="s"...

    see.. When you only have one tag it counts the string length.. I want to avoid that and only count the tags.. Please No "parent-node"I would just like to work with the object itself as shown. thank you!

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    names = student.getElementsByTagName ('name')
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