Hey. I'm new here. I was wondering if anyone could suggest to me some online colleges. If you have done an online school I'd appreciate it if you could tell me the pros and cons of the school.

In high school I want to my local votech and took a class on Multimedia and Web Design. While there I learned how to make web sites using html and dreamweaver. I also learn how to create and edit graphics using PhotoShop and Illustrator. I also learned how to make brochures, pamplets, and etc using InDesign.

I loved the class, but I'm not the most artistic. So, when it came time to go to college I decided to go for something more technical. I decide to major in Computer Information Systems. While there I learned the basics of hardware, networking, and computer security, but I mostly took programming. I learned C++ and Visual Basic. When I finally got a chance web programming I took PHP and JavaScript. I also learned how to manipulate database using sql.

I am a month away from getting my associate degree. I'd like to switch to an online college to continue on to get my bachelors degree.

My issue is I don't want to go completely design or programming. I'd like to do both, but more specifically for the web. I'd also like to learn more about graphic art and more technical computer subjects such as hardware, networking, and security.

Sorry, this is so long, but I thought if I gave you a better understanding of current educational background and interest it might help you better understand what kind of educational program and searching for.

I already have a list of schools, but I'd really appreciate any feedback on suggestions. Especially, if you can tell me your own personal experience of the school.