I just switched to a new host. I changed to this host because my site was consistently slow on my old host. Things are about 80% better with my new host, but I still have problems with my site being slow now and then.

I am on a shared server. I've noticed that sometimes the exact same page will take anywhere between 1-15 seconds to load... No verifiable problems with my ISP or with their server (besides being on a shared server). I first noticed this problem when just using my site, and then I verified the times with http://www.numion.com/Stopwatch/index.html.

I asked them about this and they said everything is fine with my site and with the server. I am not getting very high traffic right now. I suspect because the site is slow sometimes for some people...

They suggested I change from a shared plan to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) plan. My question is: will this really improve my loads times or will it just take away from my bottom line?

They also suggested I do caching of my sites MySQL server, as explained at http://benmetcalfe.com/blog/2005/12/...aching-in-php/. Will that help? Does anyone have experience with that?