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Thread: bring popup window to front

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    bring popup window to front

    Hi. A newbie.

    I am using MM_openBrWindow to open several popup windows containing images. To avoid opening multiple windows, the same named window is called each time, but filled with from a different URL.

    In Safari the window comes to the front each time it is called, complete with the new content.

    In Firefox it gets the new content, but stays where it was left last (i.e. usually hidden behind the current browser window) and never gets seen... VERY frustrating. Firefox also seems to insist on showing navigation and status bars.

    How can i force the popup window to come to the front?

    (or failing that, i guess, force closure of the popup before returning to the main browser window?)

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    I'd recommend against using a popup window and consider one of these methods:

    1. Use target="_blank" on an href. Example: <a href="image.jpg" target="_blank">Click to open image</a>

    2. Use a JavaScript DOM element to display the image. Example: Lightbox http://www.huddletogether.com/projects/lightbox2/

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    Thanks for prompt reply cbVision.

    Like the lightbox idea, though the pop-up has to contain a bunch of thumbnails and a space in which to show the enlargement... so I can't use it in this case (but i shall have a quick look to see what else is around).

    It seems to me that target="_blank" does much the same as a pop-up, but without me being able to specify the size (much smaller than the default browser window) etc, for design purposes.

    This is a re-hash of an existing site and I want to continue to use the pop-up because existing clients seem to like it, but i just want it to work a bit better.

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