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    Canonical redirect

    Hi folks

    I have cononical issues with my website and need to redirect the non-www. version to the www. version. My hosting company say this is not possible from the H-Sphere control panel. ISAPI rewrite is also not available.

    Is there an alternative way?

    It's hosted on a windows server and needs to be a 301 direct.


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    I don't really understand why the www vs. the non-www version is a problem, but I just fixed it (by request) on one of my sites. I used an .htaccess file which works if it is an Apache server, I assume the .htaccess files don't work on windows servers hey?

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    Is the www vs. the non-www version is a problem?

    Google does recommend this fix if you have dynamic content or a blog that is updated often, but by default they – according to Google’s documentation: “try to pick the url that seems like the best representative”.

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