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Thread: Not sure how to word this, but let's give it a go

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    Not sure how to word this, but let's give it a go

    Hello, since this is my first post I figure I should introduce myself. I just recently graduated high school and am starting college soon, I'll be playing baseball there and majoring in marketing. I've been playing with the coding of websites for a long time, and through trial and error I've taught myself what I consider to be a decent amount of HTML knowledge. I've toyed with CSS, but nothing much farther then that. When it comes to more complicated code I would usually wuss out and just use Joomla or another CMS. Well now I want to learn a little more, and I was hoping you fine gents could help a noobie out.

    Basically, my friend and I are working on a baseball simulation league, where member create and manage their own player and get signed etc...

    One of my goals on the main website is to offer each player their own 'player profile' page, with certain values ranging from a basic name to their batting average and slugging %.

    All this information needs to be updated by hand, and going through every individual players page would be incredibly time consuming. So my idea was to somehow have a 'master spreadsheet', that will hold all each players information and stats in their own row. Then hopefully have a way to make the website pull the information from the spreadsheet and display it on each players profile page. So in theory, bear with me here, I just tell the site the players name or players 'id' and it displays his row of information.

    Seeing as how I have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm hoping you guys could point me in the proper direction for learning to do something like this, or if there's a better/more efficient way to do this.

    Thank you in advance(hopefully D: ),


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    I'd suggest learning PHP and create a database. Check into MySQL (for the database) since PHP supports using MySQL through PHP to update your database. I hope that helps some.

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    Yeah you could easily make some sort of sign up sheet that registers information in a database, and then use php to show it on their page. I dunno though how to make a simulated league. That is probably some heavy duty stuff

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