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Thread: knowing when scrollbars pop in?? (or out)??

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    knowing when scrollbars pop in?? (or out)??

    THis is ancilliary to the thread

    Where my solution was to increase the height of an IFRAME incrementally (or binary chop) until the vertical scrollbar disappeared. At that point the frame would be the same height as the content.

    I can do this for IE5.5 but the code (see link) doesn't work for Mozilla/FF etc engines.

    So any ideas oon how to KNOW when the scrollbar (in auto mode) is popping in &/or out?

    I can force the scrollbars on and off, that is not what is wanted.

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    looks like I have achieved the primary goal.
    FF/Mozilla seems to work as in the suggestion in the thread link above.
    IE 5.5 - IE7 needs the wheeze whereby the height of the IFRAME is incremented from 80 pixels until the "clientWidth" changes (indicating no scroll bar) and then stops.
    This works as JavaScripted until the window is resized. When only FF will correct the situation. This could be covered by a trap based on onReSize (or something) but it has not been implemented yet. see:
    for results. I will post the important code soon.

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    var timcount; 
    // these are set elsewhere to inhibit the test routine while other processes are in progress
    var pagedone = true;
    // bw.ie = "browser window is IE". not true if Mozilla engine detected.
    // a is 1 for the first instance in any given cycle & when repeatedly called from the timer it is 0 as seen below
    function test(a){
     if(pagedone && !timcount) {
     var frameElement = parent.document.getElementById("listdis"); // my IFRAME
     if(!bw.ie) frameElement.style.height = frameElement.contentWindow.document.body.offsetHeight+50; 
     if(bw.ie) { // case IE
      if(a==1) {frameElement.style.height = 60; inc = 50; timrep=10;}
      neww = frameElement.contentWindow.document.body.clientWidth;
      frameElement.style.height = frameElement.contentWindow.document.body.offsetHeight+inc;  // increment by 50 or 0
     if (neww!=frameElement.contentWindow.document.body.clientWidth) {inc = 0; timrep=2000;} //stop incrementing & slow down
     setTimeout("test(0)", timrep);
     fred = fred;

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