I am embedding a flash photo gallery object in an html page. The flash gallery has a param "thumbVisibility" that allows you to set the visibility of the thumbnails with the options "NEVER" and "ALWAYS." I have it set to "NEVER" so that the thumbs do not show when the object loads. That is how I want it.

However, I would like to build a javascript method to create a toggle button to switch between "NEVER" and "ALWAYS" so that the thumbnails can be turned on and off by the end user.

As a first step, I know that javascript can be used to pass params to flash objects but as a js noob I haven't been able to find a clear and concise tut to figure out how to do this. Of course, the second step is how to do this in a function where I could switch between the two options using a single toggle button.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could suggest an approach to the javascript required to solve this problem. Thanks in advamce for your assistance.