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Thread: InnerHTML changing flash param value

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    InnerHTML changing flash param value

    I am trying to assign flash param value through innerHTML, but it values get modified in IE, it works fine in firefox.

    I am setting allowfullscreen value as true, but after innerHTML, it values got modified to false

    please save the below code as HTML and see the result.

    In the below code var newDIVValue has allowfullscreen as true, but in the alert message which i have given, it value is false.

    please provide me some idea to set the value as true.
    function changeDiv(){
    var newDIVValue =  "<object cse='js' id='flash_'classid='clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000'width='780'height='439'><param name='allowFullScreen' value='true'><param name='Movie'		value='/cs/ENGInE/flash/ENGInE_media_player.swf' ><param name='Play'			value='True' ><param name='Loop'			value='' ><param name='Quality'		value='' ><param name='Align'		value='' ><param name='SAlign'		value='' ><param name='BgColor'		value='' ><param name='Scale'		value='' ><param name='Menu'			value='' ><param name='WMode'		value='Transparent' ><param name='Base'			value='/cs/ENGInE/flash' ><param name='FlashVars'	value='' <!--[if !IE]>--><object id='flash_' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' data='/cs/ENGInE/flash/ENGInE_media_player.swf' width='780' height='439'><param name='allowFullScreen' value='true'><param name='play'			value='True' /><param name='loop'			value='' /><param name='quality'		value='' /><param name='align'		value='' /><param name='salign'		value='' /><param name='BgColor'		value='' /><param name='scale'		value='' /><param name='menu'			value='' /><param name='wmode'		value='Transparent' /><param name='base'			value='/cs/ENGInE/flash' /><param name='flashvars'	value='' /><img src='' width='780' height='439' alt='' border='0' /></object><!--[endif]--><!--[if IE]>--><img src='' width='780' height='439' alt='' border='0' /><!--[endif]--></object>";
    var div = document.getElementById("xmltest");
    div.innerHTML = newDIVValue;
      <div id="xmltest">
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    Use swfobject or DOM methods to alter the html.
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