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Thread: Image doesn't display in IE

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    Unhappy Image doesn't display in IE

    Hi There,

    I have created a splash page for a friend but for some reason the image does not display in IE. Works fine in firefox and safari but for some reason it just doesn't like IE!

    The web address is:

    www.swissrubber.com or .co.uk - Source code is visible.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I used your code and couldn't get it load in IE7, even after simplifying it...so then I used another jpg that I had and *bam*. Try another image and see if it works for you.

    I'm gonna follow this cuz someone's gonna know why...I sure don't...

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    The image is probably exported out in a weird way. I suggest you take a look at compressing it since it's over 1 meg in file size.

    A simple google search should churn up some nice results since I don't think a web service will allow such a big file to be uploaded for compression.


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    That's a ludicrously large file for what it is. I'd convert it to a gif, since basically it is made up of blocks of colour. If you must use the image to display the text, I suggest you have all the the text in alt" "

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiwibrit View Post
    If you must use the image to display the text, I suggest you have all the the text in alt" "
    That's on option but if your text needs mark up I suggest that you put it inside a hidden DIV and use the image as a background.
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    Thumbs up Thanks for the help

    Firstly, thank you to everyone that replied, l will try all suggestions this afternoon and let you know how l get on.

    I knew the image was too big but my friend thought the gif looked too pixelated. I've resolved this with a save for web jpeg in PS.

    Results coming soon!:

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    resolved It works! Thanks people

    NICE ONE! I guess the large size and CMYK setup was the issue. Image coverted to RGB and saved to less than one tenth it's original size! Thanks again for the help. Greatly appreciated.

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    Aside from being huge (you could easily cut this to a tenth the size with "save for web" in PS), the image is saved with CMYK color mode. You need sRGB for web jpg images, IE doesn't display CMYK.


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