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Thread: not able to access file in root folder using mozilla

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    not able to access file in root folder using mozilla

    hi everybody,
    i am using relative path to access the file in the root folder.
    i am using the following code to reach to the parent folder.
    this is working in IE and safari and it is not working in mozilla. can anyone help me out in this? is there a common relative path that will work both in IE and mozilla?


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    It does, so you have a problem elsewhere. What isn't working exactly and what's the relevant code? Also, paths don't vary across browsers, they vary across OSes, but both Unix and DOS derived OSes use .. as the parent directory.

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    reference is not working for xslt files

    here i am referencing xslt file which is there in the root directory.
    i found that for only xslt, i am not able to reference. for all the remaining files it is working fine.
    is there any spl pattern for xslt refrencing??

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