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Thread: [RESOLVED] Post back puzzle

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Post back puzzle

    Hi, I have a website where the user makes a selection from a combobox, and based upon that selection it fills a couple different text boxes with stuff. The problem is that it takes a second or two to fill in the text boxes with the information due to the post back. I know that there is no way around the 1-2 second wait. so what I would like to do is fill the text box with something like "Loading Info..." until the text box is filled with the information from the combo box selection.

    To see what I mean go to my webpage: http://www.epiclinks.com/create.aspx

    What I was thinking I could do what have a post back that fills the text box with "Loading Info..." and then does another postback for the combo box selection. But I do not know how to induce a post back when needed.

    I'm open to different ideas to so if you have an idea that would work better please let me know.


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    Ok, I figured it out. There is a control that you can use called Update Progess. I never worked with it until now. But it does exactly what I'm looking for.


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