I am trying to hide a div or id if the returned xml file has no data within a specific node. I am working with jQuery 1.4.2 and a jq plug-in jqGrid. The grid goes out and gets a static xml file. Then upon the user selecting a row, it appends data within that master node to specific divs and/or id(s). I am having issues with a if/else statement (pure JS) that is supposed to evaluate a targeted xml node and respond accordingly. If there is data within a specific node, the html div or id is "show" (default setting). If there is NO data within that xml node, I need to "hide" that html div/id. In my code below, firefox says I have a syntax error. I just don't see it. Also, I can not get it to act accordingly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

onSelectRow: function() {
     var gsr = $('#searchResults').jqGrid('getGridParam', 'selrow');
				if (gsr) {
					var data = $('#searchResults').jqGrid('getRowData', gsr);
					$('#dodic').append('DODIC:  ' + data.dodic);
					$('#title').append('Nomenclature:  ' + data.nomenclature);
					$('#purpose').append('Use:  ' + data.purpose);
					$('#description').append('Description:  ' + data.description);
					function() {if (data.olValue.length >= 1) {$('#objLength').append('Length:  ' + data.olValue + ' ' + data.olUnit);} else {$('#objLength').hide();}};
					$('#basicMun #objWidth').append('Width:  ' + data.owValue + ' ' + data.owUnit);

It is that function call that is the problem.