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Thread: problem only fixes after a page refresh

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    problem only fixes after a page refresh

    So I have a gallery which I've asked questions about before.

    The way it is suppose to work is when you load it up you favorite images get shown in a check box. However, the boxes never load until I change the page (doesn't refresh the page).

    I have a link that shows only the favorites however it only shows the last updated version so if I had added any to my favorites previously before reloading the page those don't get shown. But the odd thing is that it a new page that you go to clients.php -> showFavorites.php

    Any idea or is this a php problem?


    so I was messing with the code, change the async from true to false and all the browsers except FF loaded it properly, FF still requires me to change the page and get the images/checkboxes to load once more.
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