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Thread: hopefully simple question about javascript and frames

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    hopefully simple question about javascript and frames

    I'm building a webpage using javascript and iframes. Basically I have an iframe in the middle of the index.html page that links to another html page (let's call it iframe.html). My question is, is it possible to call a javascript function from iframe.html to control an object on index.html? If so, how do I do this? I'd like to be able to assign an image in iframe.html with the hyperlink of href="javascript:function()", where the function effects the CSS of a div on index.html.


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    Adds a handler to the first image in index.html
    The pseudo-protocol javascript: is unnecessary in 99% of cases; no need to use it.
    Add function calls to a handler, onclick, onmouseover etc., not to the anchor event.
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