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Thread: Can't execute function in div with id? Javascript > Forms > Select, Help!

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    Can't execute function in div with id? Javascript > Forms > Select, Help!

    Can't execute function in div with id? Javascript > Forms > Select, Help!

    I am writing an HTML form. I need the selected value of a <select> tag to then populate an <input type="text" [...] /> tag. I got this to work just fine, but when I wrap the form in a <div id="form">[...]</div> it stops working. I have searched up and down google for an answer, but I am unsure if I even understand how to ask the question!

    Here is my sample code as of yet:


        <title>js Test</title>
        <script Language="JavaScript"><!--
        function myTest(){
        var myTest  = form.select.options[form.select.selectedIndex].value;
        <div id="form">
        <form action="" method="post" name="form">
        <span class="title">Add Details</span>
        <span class="note">Note</span>
        <select name="select" onChange="myTest()">
        <option value=""></option>
        <option value="this text in alert box">trying</option>
        <option value="some other text">something</option>
        <option value="value 3">new</option>
    So if you remove the id="form" from <div id="form"> it works just fine and gives me an alert.

    How to I reference the <div id=form> to make it work properly?
    Do I need to do this for every div the form is in?

    I have done PHP for a number of years but not javascript, so this is kind of new to me.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Try this code:

    function myTest(){
    	var myTest  = document.form.select.options[document.form.select.selectedIndex].value;
    Add document in the code.

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    Almost there, a few more questions

    Ok, That seams to have worked in my quick crude sample, but doesn't seam to work for the actual page that I am trying this on. Thanks for the help!

    I think I understand what that "document.whatever..." line does, but I can't seams to figure it out. I am a long time PHP programmer, but I never understood Java and never really coded it until today. So as you can image, a lot of questions come to mind. Could you maybe explain how that "document.something.form.whatever.value" is structured? What is it called so I can good look it up myself.

    I'm sure it's something simple I just don't know what to search for to find my answer!

    Thanks again for the help!

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