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Thread: Developing Chat

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    Developing Chat

    Hi guys,

    I would like to develop a web page that would allow user to chat with each other.

    Can anyone tell me if i need to develop the whole thing from scratch of there is somewhere I can find a "free for use" code.

    It should be mentioned that I will probably try and make it a commercial site so the code should be legaly free...


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    If you're looking for profit, you're best off doing it from scratch. I've done it using PHP, MySQL and JS. It can be quite simple, if that's what you're looking for.

    You can get into more complex solutions, using AJAX, maybe Ruby on Rails.

    What will the chat be for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iRedMedia View Post
    What will the chat be for?
    Apparently for visitors to chat with each other in realtime.
    I would suggest perhaps a java IRC applet. There are plenty of them, I always use DarkerIRC, for simplicity, but there are some others I've seen in use. If that doesn't work, I made my own PHP/MySQL/Javascript/AJAX chat script which works admirably well, but it is still in development and is quite flawed. I would just search for a solution, there are most likely hundreds, if not thousands, of chat solutions out there (most probably cost something, but you can likely find at least 25 free ones)
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    Quote Originally Posted by savvykms View Post
    Apparently for visitors to chat with each other in realtime.
    Say whhhattttt!! Chats are for real time? Who knew!

    The beginning of my post asks, for profit, or not for profit. I ask because a solution for one on one tech support vs high load chat, with multiple rooms, or a single room multi user chat solution will each differ greatly. Complexity is the point i was trying to comprehend.

    I used to be a huge IRC fan, but not so much anymore. Too bulky, and unmodular IMO.

    Check this out


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    It depend of your skills. If you can make your own - do it, but i very offten using a free site builders with chat module

    It's very easy to modify and work with it

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