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Thread: add to cart confirmation

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    add to cart confirmation

    I am working on a jquery addition to my site that will "pop-up" using jquery like a modal box but just to confirm that the customer has added the item to the cart. Does anyone have any design suggestions for this div element or suggestions for stores that do this and look nice?
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    Imo, a having a confirmation pop-up every time a user adds an item to the cart could be annoying.

    I simply have a cart summary <div> on the page displaying the number of items and the total current value of the cart. When a user adds/deletes or changes quantities of items, the cart summary information is updated automatically.

    The user also has a 'view cart' button which displays an itemised listing of the curent cart contents.

    Anyway, just some food for thought.

    If you really want a pop-up, all you need is an alert() box, a small window or another <div> with the confirmation message appearing when the code adding the selected item to the cart has confirmed the item was added. The user can click a button to close the pop-up or you can close it using setTimeout()

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