I have created a table that allows the user to edit specific cells by clicking on them. Their new entered values set the value on the table. They then should be able to submit a form which sets several hidden inputs equal to the values in the table then passing the information to a php page to process. However, the php page doesn't output anything when it is submitted.

This is the form layout.

HTML Code:
<form method="post" action="mypage.php" id="complex" name="complex">

<input type="hidden" id="1x1" value="">
When the user enters all the data into the table they click on a submit button which calls a script like this...

function getValues()
	document.getElementById("1x1").value = document.getElementById('table').rows[3].cells[1];
NOTE: although I have the id of the cell as "1x1" it is actually the 4th row and 2nd cell of the table.

The form is then submitted to a PHP page like such:

PHP Code:
if (!
'Could not connect: ' mysql_error());


1x1 $_POST['1x1'];

$sql="INSERT INTO 'table' VALUES ('$1x1')";

mysql_query($sql) === FALSE ) {
'Error: ' mysql_error());
"1 record added"


I know this is a javascript thread but I really don't know if the error is in the javascript or php, but no PHP error is displayed. Also, there are about 75 entries being processed not just the "1x1", I just simplified it for readability.