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    Thanks, that's cool... But I'll need some javascript anyway, to get the client's time on his computer. If I do everything with PHP, it will get the server's time, and that's not what I want. I guess two years ago I chose the javascript version to avoid a big mess... I'll have to take a good look at my code, especially at the big cookies stuff I made in javascript, to see if I can make it work by setting the cookie with php.
    I first posted in the PHP forum, because I thought I could maybe specify the place to look for the cookie with $_COOKIE and I didn't find anything regarding path on the $_COOKIE documentation. That would be the easiest, it would avoid modifying lots of pages (the cookie functions are called quite often in different places of the website). It would really save me lots of trouble.
    And for setting the path in the set cookie function, I tried that already. I don't know if I can code it to make it save the cookie on the website's root, since the page is placed on a subdomain. Fang seemed to say it wasn't possible. The other way around would not be that hard, but getting from the subdomain to the domain seems hard to do.
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