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Thread: A lot of natural disasters recently?!

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    A lot of natural disasters recently?!

    Has anyone else noticed that Mother Nature seems to be a little peeved off at the moment?

    We've had floods in Pakistan, Earthquakes in New Zealand, Cat 4 Hurricanes in the USA, Heatwaves in Russia, Volcanoes erupting somewhere else (I forget the location).

    This doesn't seem irregular on it's own, but when you think all of this has happened in the last few months, it seems a bit dodgy!


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    You left out the emergence of reality television, but I get the point. The earthquake in New Zealand my friends are blaming me for because I happened to be in Australia at the time.

    Maybe we've pushed mother nature around too much for too long and she's getting even.

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    I doubt there's more natural disasters than normal. They're probably just getting more media coverage than usual at the moment. It could also be that a few more of mother nature's big shake-ups just happened to afffect populated regions than usual. Quite possible given that we're creating more and more populated areas at a faster and faster rate.
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